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What Is DIRTY LAUNDRY!, How Did You Start?

DIRTY LAUNDRY! is the clothing line name, it all started in my Dirty bedroom.

What Is The DIRTY LAUNDRY! Logo Of?

The logo is a Laundry basket with some DIRTY LAUNDRY!! over flowing, with a crown on top.

Do You Sponsor?

No, not at the momment maybe sometime in the future.

The Clothes Actually Dirty?

No, that's the irony of it we can all wear Dirty Laundry! & get away with it!

Is There Gonna Be Any Dirty Laundry! Stores?

Yes, Hopefully one day! on Fairfax in LA. That would be nice!.

Who Is The Man Behind The Dirty Laundry! , Who Started This?

Hi, My name is [KT] :D nice to meet you all!

Return Policy

Any Purchased items are Unreturnable if worn, tags have been removed, or have damage by the customer. If you need to return or exchange your purchase from Dirty Laundry!, you may return or exchange the item(s) within 15 days of the purchase. Email & in Subject Box Note "Bad Laundry!". Include your receipt, a note describing the problem, your contact info, and the reason of exchange. For your contact info, include your name, address, phone # and e-mail. This information will allow us to contact you, if necessary regarding the return. Your returned item(s) may be exchanged for credit towards another Dirty Laundry! purchase.